Diaspora Data Migration

PROLIM Diaspora 2.0 – The Cloud Based Data Migration Platform as a Solutions approach to provide a solution at top speed that reduces cost, risk and time. PROLIM have developed an in-house, standardized, Consistent, Reusable platform called “Diaspora” that takes care of all your data migration essentials.

Companies require frequent data migration, they migrate data when there is change in business requirements or technological requirements. This product helps to provide migration solutions for cases like Mergers, De-mergers, Acquisitions IT Transformations, and Infrastructure Upgrades, Regulatory Requirements, Business Process Transformations and Server or Storage Technology Replacement. Diaspora product is designed and built to enable migration that ensures continuous integration of multiple constituents. The Diaspora Database Migration Platform as a Solution will automate database migration solution, along with the data the Platform supports code migration.

PROLIM Diaspora Data Migration includes data quality management features making it the most universal, feature-rich, and cost effective data management framework in the industry. It allows users to configure rules, scripts and queries for data validation, data enrichment, and data profiling that help improve the quality of data. Users can, therefore, validate data quality for uniqueness, accuracy, completeness, and get an accurate assessment of data quality.

Our custom solution also involved using out of box utility provide by PLM system and built to enable a rule driven migration that ensures seamless integration of multiple components. Diaspora addresses business problems across multiple verticals and domains, creating an eco-system that enables cross-pollination and convergence. Its tool agnostic nature ensures the customer’s existing investments are maximized.

Key Features of Diaspora Platform:

  • Designed to work with multiple source and target systems
  • Reusable components that reduce development cycles leading to reduced cost, shorter time to market and improved ROI
  • Multiple levels of profile reporting capability for evaluating and identifying the content and structure of source data
  • Complex product mappings and rules framework for product and field mapping
  • Real–time synchronization capability to support real-time data integration and continuous data availability
  • The ability to process/migrate large volumes of data at ease
  • Customized reporting capability during execution on various aspects such as transformation rules report, fallout



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