Managed Cloud Computing is the ideal 21st century Green IT solution that reduces your IT expenses up to 75% while increasing security, efficiency and scalability in the process.

Managed cloud computing reduces or eliminates the need for businesses and organizations to maintain their own costly infrastructures while answering the call for greener technology, greater security, leaner operations and less headaches. This is achieved by virtualizing a company’s entire system, placing all servers, software applications (even proprietary apps) and files into a cloud, offsite in a highly secured, state-of-the-art data center accessible from anywhere 24×7. The result is oft-times measurable in tens of thousands of dollars saved annually. Up to 95% savings in electric bills legitimately allow businesses to consider themselves Green as well.

Key Services

  • Developing and Deploying Cloud Strategy and Solutions.
  • Systematic Service Delivery Approach.
  • 24×7 System monitoring and support.
  • Flexible, on-demand skilled resources and skills.
  • Service Level Agreements and Guaranteed Response Times.
  • Tactical and Proactive System Monitoring.
  • Problem Prevention, Identification and Resolution.
  • System Tuning and Maintenance.
  • Space management and capacity planning.

Cloud Computing Technology Software & Solutions

On-demand computing resources—everything from applications to data centers and cloud products for your business, IT infrastructure &  development needs.

Business Continuity
Advanced solutions for business continuity to access your data and application
Cloud Infrastructure Management
Cloud - virtualization, migration and agility with the right tools
DBA Management
DBA develops Researcher Practitioners in management and related fields

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